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Benefits for people and planet. Become a leader in workplace sustainability and the climate.

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Our Mission

"Simplifying sustainability. Maximizing impact."

Mission critical. That is the current state of our environment. At EcoPerks, we believe that we can increase the adoption rate of clean technologies and services simply by making it more accessible. Everyone wants to make a positive impact, but with an over abundance of information, lack of transparency, and quite frankly lack of time it can be very challenging for individuals to take action. We are changing that narrative and empowering individuals to take action. It is 2021 and the workplace environment has changed. It's time for the workplace benefits to change and adapt to the new norm.

The climate-positive norm. 

Justin Slusarski

Founder, EcoPerks

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Why EcoPerks?
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Attract top talent

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Retain top talent

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Adapt to the new norm

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Showcase your impact

75% of the workforce wants to work for a company that helps them live more sustainably

69% of employees say having a wider array of benefits would increase loyalty to their employer

With employees working from home, it's time to provide benefits that align with their needs

Using a data driven approach, display your environmental impact for the world to see

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How it works:
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